Nonsurgical Options for Back Pain

Daily life is much more challenging when back pain persists beyond all of your efforts to heal. While long-term back pain is

Daily life is much more challenging when back pain persists beyond all of your efforts to heal. While long-term back pain is frustrating, you’re not alone. In fact, around 39% of adults in the United States experience back pain. 

Thankfully, orthopedists have more resources than ever to treat chronic back pain without surgery, even when conventional treatments don’t offer much improvement. 

Double board-certified regenerative orthopedist Glenn M. Flanagan, MD, is one of only a few providers worldwide qualified to treat the lumbar spine (low back) with advanced regenerative treatments, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC). 

You can trust Dr. Flanagan at Naples Regenerative Institute in Naples, Florida, to provide top-tier care for chronic back pain. Starting with a detailed evaluation and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Dr. Flanagan matches you with the most effective treatment to alleviate your back pain and improve your quality of life. 

Where back pain originates

Any portion of your spine can experience injuries and resulting pain, but chronic back pain is most common in the lumbar spine. Most back pain begins because of nerve compression (radiculopathy). It happens when other parts of the back become injured and either shift out of place or experience inflammation. In many cases, radiculopathy causes other neurological symptoms like tingling, numbness, and immobility. 

Dr. Flanagan routinely diagnoses and treats back problems, including:

Though your first instinct may be to rest and wait for the pain to subside, rest isn’t always recommended for back pain. In fact, physical therapy and exercise are among the first recommendations by experts for treating low back pain, especially if it’s associated with muscle atrophy. Atrophy of the multifidi muscles correlates with low back pain more than other spinal issues. 

Your best options for nonsurgical care

Noninvasive and minimally invasive back pain treatments are Dr. Flanagan’s specialty. Evidence-based regenerative procedures assist your back with natural healing, while other options aim to restore muscle strength or reduce inflammation. 

Following a review of the imaging test results, Dr. Flanagan can recommend nonsurgical options that align with your needs. Naples Regenerative Institute treats back pain using the following:

Platelet-rich plasma

PRP is a natural substance derived from your own blood sample. Injecting it near disc or spinal ligament injuries floods the region with growth factors to enhance the natural healing process. 

PRP often provides better results and lasts longer than epidural cortisone injections without the harmful side effects. Dr. Flanagan provides all PRP treatments at Naples Regenerative Institute using a cell analyzer. 

Bone marrow aspirate concentrate

Like PRP, BMAC is a safe and effective regenerative treatment for disc injuries, spinal arthritis, and soft tissue injuries around the spine. It’s an injectable concentrate of stem cells harvested from your own bone marrow, which can replicate into various tissue types to speed up the healing process. 

Multiwave Locked System laser therapy

Multiwave Locked System (MLS®) laser therapy doesn’t involve any injections. A robotic laser reduces pain and inflammation in your back while promoting healing in the soft tissues. It’s effective for muscle injuries as well as arthritic changes in the facet and sacroiliac joints. 


Prolotherapy uses sugar solution injections to stimulate healing in tendons, ligaments, and joints. It stimulates an inflammatory response, which drives growth factors and other healing components to the region. Dr. Flanagan often uses prolotherapy combined with PRP to treat low back issues. 

Radiofrequency ablation

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is a way of “turning off” overactive and painful nerves in the back. The gentle radiofrequency emitted at a specific nerve heats and burns the nerve endings, so they no longer emit pain signals. 

Find your solution today

Nonsurgical back pain treatments available at Naples Regenerative Institute can help you avoid surgery. Call our office or request an appointment online for a complete evaluation and treatment consultation.

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