Are Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow the Same?

Are Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow the Same?

Athletic injuries often worsen over time because many sports require repeated movements as part of practice and gameplay. Staying in shape with an athletic pastime offers health and wellness benefits and increased muscular strength. Still, you should be mindful of overuse injuries common in your sport. 

Overuse injuries occur when muscles, ligaments, or tendons withstand wear-and-tear due to repeated movements.  

Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow are common in athletes who specialize in these sports. While both affect the elbow joint, tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow aren’t the same. 

As a double board-certified pain management specialist and regenerative orthopedic physician,  Glenn M. Flanagan, MD, is no stranger to athletic injuries. Providing the latest treatments at Naples Regenerative Institute in Naples, Florida, Dr. Flanagan provides the least invasive options that result in optimal healing. 

Dr. Flanagan can distinguish tennis elbow from golfer’s elbow. Keep reading if you’re curious about these athletic elbow injuries and their differences. 

Tennis elbow vs. golfer’s elbow: What’s the difference?

Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow cause elbow pain, which often worsens over time. While elbow pain can be due to other joint-related conditions, like arthritis or bursitis, tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow are caused by damage to the muscles and tendons surrounding the elbow joint. They’re different because they affect different parts of your elbow.

Think of the way you swing a golf club versus a tennis racquet. While both motions involve elbow movement, the movements are different. Therefore, they place stress on separate muscles near the elbow joint. 

Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow results from tiny tears in the tendons that attach your forearm muscles to the bony bump on the outward-facing side of your elbow. The pain can spread through your wrist and forearm, too. Roughly 1-3% of the population experiences tennis elbow yearly. Many impacted are people who play racquet sports for competition or leisure.

Golfer’s elbow

Golfer’s elbow is caused by repeated stress on the tendons that attach your forearm muscles to the bony bump on the inner side of your elbow. It’s less common than tennis elbow. 

Comparing your treatment options

Naples Regenerative Institute proudly offers leading-edge treatments for tendon injuries. Dr. Flanagan tailors your treatment program to include noninvasive and minimally invasive therapies to heal your tendons. 

Your treatment might include the following:

Coupled with professional care, Dr. Flanagan may suggest resting your elbow and easing back into the activities you enjoy most. 

If your elbow hurts and it’s affecting your ability to stay active, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Or schedule a treatment consultation online at Naples Regenerative Institute today. 

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