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Regenerative Medicine Textbook Chapter


January 2020


The Rationale of Autologously Prepared Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate for use in Regenerative Medicine Applications

Peter A. Everts, Glenn Flanagan II, Joshua Rothenberg and Kenneth Mautner


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Journal of Stem Cell Research & Therapy


July 2020


A Comparative Quantification in Cellularity of Bone Marrow Aspirated with two New Harvesting Devices, and The Non-equivalent Difference Between A Centrifugated Bone Marrow Concentrate And A Bone Marrow Aspirate As Biological Injectates, Using A Bi-Lateral Patient Model

Peter A. Everts, John Ferrell, Christine Brown Mahoney, Glenn Flanagan II, Moises Irizarry-de Roman,Rowan Paul, Natalie Stephens, and Kenneth Mautner


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